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Forever With YOU…

“Heyy.. where are you going.. why are you behaving like this..”

“Just stay away ok?? Why are you following me.. ???? ”

Vicky crossed the road in a hurry and got away in a Taxi..

Chian stood there irritated and perplexed.. sad and confused…

Chian had no idea why Vicky was angry with him.. why was she not telling him his fault.. he was ready to apologize if he did wrong.. he loved her immensely..
Its been 3 days and Vicky doesn’t even call back..

They had met at a book exhibition.. her persona complimented so well with his.. Both were orphans and this emotion brought them together even more…. They understood each other so well..
Chian did not realize when they had fallen in love after that…

Vicky was charismatic.. she loved him a lot .. they were to marry soon..
But things didn’t remain same.. Vicky was changing thought Chain… Probably she is seeing someone else.. She must be avoiding him.. he felt a surge of anger for her…
Back home Chian switched his cell off and tried to get some sleep.. He was unable to sleep thinking of Vicky…. It rained heavily that night..

Vicky ran.. as fast as she could.. With no hopes of escaping.. But she had to run.. Run for her life.. He would kill her otherwise and feast on her.. She knew it very well..
Loss of breath.. and lack of energy combined with fear , pain and tiredness.. she felt weak.. as she ran.. Her limbs refused to move now..she stood with her heads low..
Trying to pull in oxygen from the mouth.. she wheezed.. her lungs groaned..

She faintly saw her feet sinking into the swamp, her toes got sticky with mud.. she folded her pants upto her knees..
Standing shivery , beneath a canopy of weak branches of a thorny tree.. The creepy noises all over were wrenching her gut…
It was cold and she was dripping wet.. the rains refused to slow down.. she looked all around.. she was so scared that she just rolled her eye-balls to look around..
she was damn frightened .. What if the cannibals find her.. she could hear faint voices.. She was not sure which direction they came from.. But she knew she was not safe..
It was dark.. she looked at her watch.. It had stopped working.. she didn’t know what time it was.. day or night.. Must be night she thought.. she tried to look at the sky.
The dense vegetation in the forest obstructed every possible view to the outside world.. It was pitch dark.. she could hear her  heart thumping now..

Closing her eyes she prayed.. Why isn’t Chian trying to find her.. where is he.. where are all the people.. her friends.. She was missing Chian the most..Tears flowed down profusely from her eyes.. fear engulfed her completely.She dialed his number.. but.. switched off…

Her ear drums vibrated.. As she heard the loudest thunder!! A chill ran down her spine.. The bright lightning blinded her.. She saw fire.. The lightning has struck and made its presence felt..
The wild flame got closer.. She was unaware of the consequences.. She took a step forward and fell flat on the ground.. her lips perfectly kissing the muddy water.. she suddenly realized she was sinking..
Pulling force of the swamp, the quick sand were dragging her deep down somewhere.. struggling for life.. clutching the sludge with her fist and beating her limbs hard..suffocating and gasping..

“Broken nose , severe laryngospasm, sealing the upper airway, loss of consciousness due to hypoxemia, lungs filled with water leading to death”, Dr. Anne said.

The police, doctors, family .. all were there.. Vicky’s body was returned after the postmortem to her family.

Chian was broken.. He was shattered.. He could not save and somehow he was the culprit.. His girl was no more..He wanted to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her….

“I must be punished.. I was not with her when she needed me.. ” , Chian said in his shrill voice..

“You are not to blame.. It was not under your control.. She was drugged..”, Dr.Anne said in a concerned voice.

“Drugged for what..??? She doesn’t take any medicines.. for god’s sake.. “, Chain yelled..

“Vicky was a somnambulist…a sleep walker….”, Chian knew it…

Dr. Anne continued.. “What you are not aware was that she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease…. She instructed me not to tell you.. she had loved you a lot.. she wanted you to hate her so that you move on  in life…. ” the shock on Chian’s face was evident..

He was astonished, frightened and dumbstruck…

The police said aloud.. ” Vicky Zhu, 30 , found dead in the bath tub, under a running shower. The cause of death being suffocation and drowning. Nobody living or dead is responsible for this. Case closed ”

Every incident flashed in front of his eyes.. He felt defeated.. A loss irreplaceable.. His tears were frozen… lips sealed.. and walked out….

For he became an ORPHAN again and forever this time………….

Orphan again 😦