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A week that I will cherish :)

They say, when one door closes many other doors are opened by god.

With a few lows (actually big crater sorts that happened in life), I did become a sort of negative. But then, my originality was always to enjoy. May be I show the same intensity towards negativity as for positivity. Nevertheless, it’s been a real good time last two weeks.

I must confess that friends change your life.. And yes they change it for the good of you. I am gifted in this regard and right now blessed with a few friends to whom I do matter.. 🙂

Now let me get back to the reason I wanted to write this blog. 2 weeks back I had a gala time at the project party. I was the host and the DJ nyt was real cool. Dance makes me happy any time! To continue with that last week’s “Dandiya Night” organized by Minfy as a part of DASARA celebrations was awesome. I think dance brings many people closer whom you have never met before 😉 …

Last week I also had very busy schedule. Be it in terms of work or play. Yes, I said play. Every evening I got this chance to pursue my favorite pastime, to play, cricket.

It all started with our HR mailing to the girls at our Mangalore delivery centre, about this tournament. And without a blink I voted YES and replied to the mail. The practice journey began. Every evening at 5, leaving all the work for later, I dressed up in t-shirt, tracks and shoes and headed towards the field. We had our fellow Infoscion Leslie to coach us gals. The team was indeed a sporty one. I enjoyed every moment of the practice times. Be it girly (read double meaning) jokes… (On days when Leslie didn’t turn up)… Or the kind of relay running we did to build stamina. Each one of us was determined to have a good time. I was chosen to be the wicket keeper.

Huddle before the FINALS!

Yesterday was D-Day. Mangalore’s first Women’s Cricket match that brought together four corporate women’s cricket teams- Infosys, Mphasis, Diya Systems and Invengers. Each team had nine on-field players and two substitutes.

Seemanth Kumar Singh, Commissioner of Police and Deputy Mayor Geetha Nayak graced the occassion.

WE (Infosys) won the first Women’s Cricket Tourney “Advaith Hyundai BIG FM Navras Cup” organized by 92.7 BIG FM.

The moment was a proud one. We jumped with joy and the list of prizes was overwhelming. A Wonderla coupon, a movie free at adlabs, free hair spa and hair cut in Fringes beauty salon, Dinner coupon at Ocean Pearl, BIG FM T-shirt, Sipper water bottle, certificate and a team CUP Navras cup!!! Woooah! Our joy had no bounds. A test drive of HYUNDAI I20 around the field after we won was also cherishing moments!

I have decided that my team will continue this spree of practice in the days to come and wish to be called the “BEST GALS CRICKET TEAM”. 😀

Minfy TEAM- Navras Cup

I thank the almighty for showering this opportunity on me to find a new path of happiness and health :):)

OUR coach said ” I never knew you gals would be so lethal on-field!”