Etching dreams on the white paper of memories…


This weekend I learnt one of life s good lessons.. I learnt how to give time to myself..:):)
Its always important to know what your mind body and soul says to you…

You need to give time to yourself …
To untangle your worries..
unravel when your devastated..
Musing over all your efforts that have gone wasted..

Life’ s strives are so uncanny..
Every single day u come across so many..
Those crack -ups.. and depressions..
About which you whimper and whine on all god’s creations..

That’s when its time to look at the brighter side..
And in no time will all these problems elide..
The world thinks that the SUN is setting..
But the truth is .. its the Earth that is revolving..

Every cloud has a silver lining..
The sun is always out there somewhere shining..

Compartmentalize your life..
Channelize the confidence in your path..
Don’t dwell over the past..
Don’t wallow in regret..

Grip your turbulent emotions..
Fasten the belts of sentimental notions..
Let it be a far flung memory..

So gear up my dears for BEST tomorrow.. :):)
All sorrows are the bitterness of Yesterday..
Its gone.. and will not come BACK..
Nothing is the END of the world..

And remember….
Sometimes Good things fall APART..
So better things can fall TOGETHER.. :):)



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