Etching dreams on the white paper of memories…

When one dreams of a far off land, abroad.. saat samundar paar ( across seven oceans)! We do have numerous ideas and imaginations of how that place could be and what’s actually in store for you there.

After rejecting onsite opportunities thrice in my 5 year career , owing to one main reason in any girl’s life and to put it in parent’s words “We are searching for a groom, its your marriage next month, you can go with your husband later too ” blah blah… So it was my “marraigeable age” that stood as a culprit in my onsite dreams!

But one can put it, NASEEB( luck) can make anything happen. After 1 year of my marriage I got a change to go to Switzerland for 6 whole months. This was a life changing opprtunity which , yes, I accepted. 🙂 🙂 Thanks to my parents, husband and in-laws for being supportive in this matter and allowing me to go to Europe all alone.

Switzerland- dream destination for any couple, heaven on earth, the awesome scenes we watch in movies, most bollywood songs being picturised there. I was extremely thrilled and curious to explore this part of the world. My flight was from Bangalore to Delhi. It was at 1.15 am , I was walking towards the flight, it was raining with mild lightning and thunder, (That was how I was feeling within me too). I could see faintly, the words SWISS AIRWAYS on the flight body. It made me smile. Somehow in all the childish fears in me, this word SWISS gave me a dose of tonic to calm and smile. It was a night long flight journey from Delhi to Zurich. I did sleep well I can say.

Next morning 6.05am (Zurich time) which is 9.35 am in Bangalore , I landed at Zurich Flughafen. There began my day 1 in Switzerland. It was too good to be true. I was still thanking god for and trying to pinch myself to believe where I exactly was. After the immigration custom checks, I got my luggage and came down to the train station. I was awesome feeling of high speed sharp on time trains. Everything was FIRST class. I tried calling up home with my phone which had international roaming active and 3000Rs recharged. But all the efforts went down the drain. The call refused to connect. I panicked  a bit. I was supposed to track my friend who would come to pick me up. Now I looked stranded in the german speaking land with no swiss francs in my pocket! I sat on a bench with all my luggage trying to think of a way. 10 minutes and nothing flashed, the train station was so scantily populated. people were all too fast moving, like their trains.

It was cold, I found a young lady getting down from the train and as if she heard my inner voice, came and sat on the same bench as I. I didnt know if I was right, but I had to ask her for help. I explained to her in English , and she , like a fellow sister, asked me the number I wanted to contact. She dialed it for me and handed her phone to me. I spoke to my friend and told my location. He came down in a couple of minutes. I could not thank that lady better. I was full of gratitude. “Thank you so much mam, You really helped when I needed it the most.”, I said.. “My pleasure. Now you are ok? Have a great day and Enjoy in swiss”.. she said. My first impression of people in swiss was that they helped and they were humane and they trusted people. I knew I was at the right country for my first onsite trip 🙂 🙂

I took the ticket to Basel (with the help of my friend who came to pick me up) and sat in the train. I cant explain in words the beauty that I could see outside. The greenery there had a magical freshness. The weather was, by default, air conditioned.  I called up home from my friend’s phone. I could hear happiness in my parent’s moist voices. I could hear how much I was missed in my husband’s voice. I knew I felt these too but the SWISS air had somethign in it which overwhelmed everything else at that moment. I was too happy. Happier than happiness I could say.

I reached Basel, I could hear German announcements, people around looked so well-dressed, so well-kempt, with furry jackets, high rise boots. The first surprise awaiting me was Mercedes Benz, the local taxi there. uff. I was already on a high as I reached my colleague’s home, for resting for the next few hours. When I woke, it took me a while to realize that I was more than 6000 kilometers away from my homeland!! 

There was a whole new land and people and food to explore in the days to come. It only made me more happy everytime to think how lucky I was to be there.


to be continued…..



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