Etching dreams on the white paper of memories…

I can’t help falling in love with this song over and over again since last weekend..

With mimnimum expectations I went to the movie “Mere bother ki Dulhan” and the into of Kats just did the magic for me..

The rockstart avatar of Katrina, windswept long hair.. the electric guitar.. or the tatoos.. ( ooooh!! ) were a treat to watch and the the track song just refuses to leave my lips anymore.. Be it office or home.. it lifts my spirits..

Rockstar Kats

Rockstar Katrina...

Probably it’s the voice of Neha Bhasin… ( one among the singers in pop band Viva! ) or the wordings ( Love them! ).. Though it is difficult to follow the correct meaning.. The jist of it overwhelms me so much that I cant help replaying the song ‘N’ number of times.. yet not getting bored…!!

Voice behind "DHUNKI"

‘Dhunki means TRANCE of love… Kind of Magical Spell,’ … and seems like the trance is working all over from the day I heard it!

Get the song downloaded and enjoyyyyyyy!

For people who missed another peppy number .. from Delhi Belly Bedardi Raja ( Grand Remix) would surely charm you.. ( Obviously I love the beats that adds spice to the original track )..  The body just moves as you listen to it.. so what are you waiting for.. grab your ear phones.. and get dancing! 🙂




Comments on: "Dhunki Dhunki Dhunki lagee ! ;)" (6)

  1. santhosh said:

    hmmm.. its a very good song.. i listen to it daily on will watch it soon.. dhunki dhunki.. 🙂

  2. katy baby’s rocking song 😀 i loved them both….. 😉

  3. hmm.. I haven’t listened the complete song… only what they show in promo’s… How was the movie? Planning to go this weekend…

    • The movie is just OK OK.. Light hearted comedy and very simple predictable plot. You can surely watch it though… 🙂 But strictly for TIME-PASS :):)

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